Payment and Cancellation Policies:
A deposit is due within 48 hours of “requesting” your reservation in order to secure your reservation. Failure to make this payment subjects your reservation to cancellation without notice.

  • If the reservation is outside 180 days, then a minimum of $2000 or 25% (whichever is greater) is due as the first deposit to secure your reservation.
  • The next payment is due at 180 days prior to your arrival which will bring your total deposit to 50% of the total due.
  • The remaining 50% balance is due 90 days prior to your arrival.
  • If the reservation is outside 90 days but within 180 of your arrival- then the regular 50%/50% deposit is required.

If the reservation is within 90 days, then the full amount is due.

If you cancel more than 90 days prior to your arrival date, 80 per cent of your total rent will be refunded to you and 20 percent of your total rent will be retained by The Maho Bay House as full liquidated damages. Cancellations within 90 days prior to your arrival date will be subject to forfeiture of 100% rental fee. Refunds due to last-minute reductions in the total headcount originally booked will only be considered on a case-by-case basis when requested within 60 days of your arrival. Booking requests made within 90 days of your arrival require 100% to be paid within 48 hours of the request. Cancellations may be made by the owner due to unforeseen issues with The Maho Bay House, in which case Owners will offer a full refund or attempt to relocate reserved guests in a like-kind or better villa. ALL RENTAL RATES AND SEASON DATES ARE ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Rates listed do not include GOVERNMENT HOTEL TAX (12.5% for U.S. Virgin Islands) or the refundable damage deposit. Travelers are entitled to a refund if their trip is canceled due to hurricanes or COVID-19.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

  1. Rental period begins at 3PM on the first day of the stay and concludes at 10AM on the final day.
  2. Termination: The Landlord has the right to inspect the premises with prior notice as stated with the applicable State laws. Should the Tenant violate any of the terms of this agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately in accordance with State law. The Tenants waive all rights to process if they fail to vacate the premises upon termination of the rental period. The Tenants shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of this agreement.
  3. Maintenance and Repairs: The Tenants shall maintain the premises in a good, clean, and ready to rent condition, and use the premises only in a careful and lawful manner. The tenants shall leave the premises in a ready to rent condition at the expiration of the rental agreement, defined by the Landlord as being immediately habitable by the next tenants. Tenants shall pay for maintenance and repairs should the premises be left in a lesser condition.
  4. Trash: The Tenants shall dispose of all waste material generated during the rental period in one of the public garbage disposal bins on St. John
  5. Pets: No animals or pets of any kind will be brought onto the premises.
  6. Subletting: The Tenant shall not have the right to sublet the property.
  7. Quiet Enjoyment: The Tenants shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners. The Tenants shall not create noise or disturbances likely to disturb or annoy the surrounding property owners. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement and Tenants shall then immediately vacate the premises.
  8. Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the home.
  9. Essentials: Landlord shall provide the following to the Tenant: beach towels, beach chairs, linens, bath towels, cooler.
  10. Landlord’s Liability: The Tenants and Tenants’ Guests shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Landlord against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss. Tenants expressly recognize that any insurance for property damage or loss which the Landlord may maintain on the property does not cover the personal property of Tenants, and that Tenants should purchase their own insurance for Tenants and Guests if such coverage is desired.
  11. Rental Deposit: Amount is fully refundable up to 90 days prior to the beginning of the rental period. After said period prior to the rental start date the Landlord shall have the right to retain the initial Rental Deposit at the Landlord’s discretion.
  12. Attorney’s Fees: Tenants agree to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses that shall be made or incurred by Landlord enforcing this agreement.
  13. Use of Property: Tenants expressly acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is for transient occupancy of the Property, and that Tenants do not intend to make the property a residence or household.
  14. Shortened Stays and Conditions: There shall be no refunds of rents due to shortened stays or ruined expectations because of weather conditions.
  15. Firearms: Only legally owned and permitted firearms shall be allowed on the premises according to State and local laws.
  16. Fireworks Tenant agrees that Fireworks and other hazardous materials shall not be used in or around the property.
  17. Illegal Use: Tenant shall use the property for legal purposes only and other use, such as but not limited to, illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harboring fugitives, etc. shall cause termination of this agreement with no refund of rents or deposits.
  18. Fire Alarms: The Tenant must notify the Landlord without delay if a fire alarm “chirps” or has a low battery condition.
  19. Possessions: Valuable items left behind by tenant will be held for the tenant and every reasonable effort will be made to contact the tenant for return. If items are not claimed for longer than 6 months they shall become the property of the Landlord. The Landlord shall not be held liable for condition of said items.
  20. Utilities:DISH TV is provided and service level has been chosen by the Landlord. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, or personal preferences with regard to cable TV service. Internet High speed wireless internet is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the agreement. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service. Brief power outages are common on St. John and no refund of rents will be given for outages.
  21. Force Majeure: If travel to the property is not allowed by governmental authorities during the rental period due to hurricane or global pandemic the tenant will be refunded their payments in full.
  22. Pool Liability Waiver: The undersigned tenant does hereby execute this Release, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity/Hold Harmless Agreement (the “Agreement”) for himself/herself/theirself and his/her/their heirs and any of their Minors, guests and invitees and acknowledges the inherent risks involved in the use of the home’s swimming pool, which risks include, but are not limited to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death. Users also acknowledge and understand that use of the Swimming Pool by Users, as defined below, is potentially dangerous and that the type of injury or damage described above can occur when using the Swimming Pool.